Dremel in Philippines

Power Tools Sales Philippines took over the Dremel business last April 2013. Leveraging on the strong Bosch distribution network and maximizing their potentials through active sales, marketing and after sales initiatives.

Our objectives aims to introduce a desirable brand, which is Dremel, to consumers; build a strong sales network in the Philippines for Dremel products; provide training courses to all our valuable dealers and implement a Dremel Expert program to reward our dealers.

DREMEL annual meeting with Partners

April 2014, Global City Philippines. Dremel partner’s annual meeting were recently held last April 5, 2014.

Highlights during the meeting are launching of new products for Q2.2014. Dremel Rotary Cordless 8200, the most powerful cordless rotary tool, Dremel Glue Gun 940 and 75-pc Accessories Kit. In store for this quarter are exciting campaigns and promotions exclusively available for all Dremel partners.

William Go, Bosch Power Tools Country Sales Director, announced that Dremel will be associated now with Bosch. As the Dremel brand enters into new markets, it starts with a low level of brand recognition. To aid the Dremel brand in these markets, an association is created between the Dremel and Bosch brands in markets where Bosch is currently recognized and benefits from positive brand attributes. The idea is to use the “halo effect” of the Bosch brand to gain a similar, positive reputation for the Dremel brand via its association with Bosch. During this time, the Dremel brand will build credibility and recognition of its own quality products until it can stand alone without the Bosch association. Association is available for use for a 3 year period (2 years on packaging) in pre-determined emerging markets in Asia Pacific.