Glue Gun 940-3 8710364052400 F 013 094 0JA DREMEL® Glue Gun 940-3

The Dremel 940 is a high temperature (195 °C) glue gun with a drip-controlled exchangeable tip. With its removable cord the 940 can be used at any place without available power. Because of its good ergonomics (on/off switch, T-handle, stable base, extendable kickstand) and replaceable tip it is ideal for light DIY jobs around the house and outdoors, such as repairing furniture, gluing wood, ceramics, etc.

  • Drip control: to prevent dripping glue onto the project
  • High temperature setting (195 °C): for usage with high melt glue sticks
  • Silicon nozzle sleeves: to prevent from burning
  • Extendable plastic kickstand: to easily position glue gun in a stable way by pressing a button
  • Glue output 18 g/min: for more demanding gluing jobs
  • On-Off switch: to manually turn the tool on and off
  • Heat-up time of 5 mins: for quick operation
  • Suitable for 11/12 mm glue sticks
EAN code 8710364052400
Part no. F 013 094 0JA
Length 200 mm
Diameter 200 mm
Operating Temp. 195 °C
Weight 0.3 kg

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