Terra cotta patio lights

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Terra cotta patio lights

Bring a warm glow to any outdoor living area with this unique lamp.

Draw your own design or trace a pattern on the outside of a terra cotta flower pot. Note: The bottom of the pot is now the top.

Using the 562 tile cutting bit and a Dremel rotary tool, start the cut by grinding into the pot at a 45° angle, once you've cut through the wall of the pot, continue cutting by while keeping the bit 90° to the pot.

The 84922 Silicon carbide grinding stone can be used to smooth the edges of your cuts.

Place a votive candle in the middle of the saucer and cover with the inverted terra cotta pot.

  • (1) 6" Terra cotta clay flower pot
  • (1) 8" Terra cotta clay saucer
  • (1) Tea light candle
  • Dust mask
  • Eye protection