Pallet storage

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Pallet storage

Here's an easy option to get that bike up and out of the way.

You will first need to cut your pallet in half, especially if you are short on space. To cut your pallet in half, fit your Saw-Max tool with a SM500 Wood and Plastic Blade. Here, we are using the edge of the middle support beam of the pallet as a reference point to achieve a straight cut and maintain support for the final shelf by having two support beams in place, one on each side.

Remove any excess slivers or roughness on your shelf by sanding it smooth using the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 with the MM14 Hook and Loop Pad and MM70W Sanding Paper. For the best results, work the entire sanding pad in a smooth, circular motion over the wood. Let the tool do the work, you do not need to apply large amounts of pressure on the tool for desired results.

Mount your pallets: For the firmest hold, screw the back of your rack into the wall of the garage. It is best to hang the rack on the wall at studs, this will make the rack more sturdy and safe. Be sure to fix screws at all four corners.

  • S-Hooks
  • Drill Driver & Wood Screws