Easter egg

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Easter egg

Filigree Easter egg with a delicate lace pattern. Illuminated Easter eggs give your home an elegant look.

Before you start, run masking tape round the ostrich egg from top to bottom. It will serve as a market and help you to make your pattern symmetrical.

Mark out the pattern you want on the egg with a pencil. Your best bet is to sketch it out beforehand on a sheet of paper or to use our pattern as a guideline.

Now take your Dremel 3000 and start using the Dremel 150 precision drill bit to drill through the lace pattern marks you made on the surface of the egg. Take your time so that the eggshell does not crack or break.

To provide a contrast to the filigree detail, replace the precision drill bit with the 192 high speed cutter and cut out the larger holes. The bits of eggshell are easily removed with a brush.

Drill an aperture in the base of the eggshell and use the Dremel Glue Gun 930 to fix a LED lamp inside it so that the egg emits a warm glow of light. If you like, you can run a silk ribbon round the Easter egg to give it a little extra charm.

Dremel creative tip: As an alternative to the filigree lace pattern look you might consider decorating the egg in a snail pattern. For that you run the masking tape in a spiral around the egg. To achieve an evenly spaced result it is best to work from top to bottom, keeping a distance of 3 cm between the strips of masking tape.

  • Ostrich egg
  • LED lamp
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Sheet of paper