Creating a stylish hanging wine rack

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Creating a stylish hanging wine rack

Create a stylish hanging wine rack and add value to your kitchen…

First, cut the wood into lengths (ours measured 50 cms x 2 front and back, 25 cms x 2 sides) with the Dremel TRIO and the multipurpose cutting bit (TR563) to create a frame from the four lengths of wood.

On the length of wood that will become the front of the wine rack, mark where the cuts for the bottle necks will go. Then sand a shallow half circle on which to rest each bottle neck using the NEW Dremel 4000 with sanding mandrel and sanding band 407.

Buy wooden dowelling and cut into twelve equal lengths (two per bottle) of 22 cms with the Dremel TRIO and the multipurpose cutting bit (TR563). Then, take the two lengths of timber that you cut for the front and back and measure on them the twelve points where the dowels need to be located.

Then, using the Dremel TRIO with straight router bit (TR654), rout half the way through the wood to create the slots for the dowels. Then, sand away any rough edges using the Dremel TRIO with sanding bands TR407. Affix the dowels using mitre glue (which glues instantly) rather than using wood glue, which can take up to 24 hours to dry.

Next, position the remaining lengths of wood on each side of the frame. Plunge cut pilot holes to attach the metal corner brackets then screw in 25ml screws and complete the wooden frame using the Dremel TRIO and the multipurpose cutting bit (TR563).

Using your Dremel driver or screwdriver, screw the metal rack onto the underside of the wooden frame to hang the glasses.

Screw self-tapping hooks into the corners of the top-side of the wooden frame. Then attach the metal chain to the four corners of the wine rack for hanging. To affix the wine rack to the ceiling, simply measure the location of the hooks, drill four holes in the ceiling, push in plugs and screw in four self-tapping hooks. Then attach the metal chains to the self-tapping hooks in the ceiling.

  • Workbench clamping system
  • Wood for wine rack
  • Wooden dowels x 8
  • Mitre glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Metal rack to hold wine glasses
  • Corner brackets
  • Screwdriver
  • 25 ml Screws
  • Metal chain to hang wine rack and fixings into ceiling
  • Self-tapping hooks x 8 (4 for the rack, 4 to screw into plugs in the ceiling)
  • Wall/ceiling plugs